Water Baby

I am so happy that Max likes to play in the water! I love swimming and playing in water too. I would be so bummed if he was scared or cried when he got wet or put his face in the water. But he does it all on his own. He dunks himself, climbs in and out by himself and loves it when Ben does huge splashes right in front of his face. There is also a hose at one end of the pool that he loves to play with.

We went to the zoo a couple times last week and played at the water park. Max loved it!! There are palm trees with water coming out of the leaves, animals with water spraying from their mouths and fountains of water coming from the ground. He had a blast and it was so fun to watch him. He would walk and stand up all by himself. I guess he just needed the right motivation. He would scream at the other kids cause they were all screaming. He just went from one fountain to the next. He had a lot of fun and a really good nap!

Here are Ben and Max playing in the pool at the apartment. I love my guys they are so handsome!


Aaa-lo-haa Kurt and noelle

So we have these awesome friends that we left behind in Hawaii, Kurt and Noelle. We get the chance to talk on the phone every now and again but I am always checking up on them via http://reynoldsrus.blogspot.com/. In my internet routine I opened up their blog and the new post had before and after pictures of them. WOW!! They tried this new workout together and can I just say they look awesome!! So I wanted to pay tribute to them for working so hard to get in shape. You guys look awesome! We miss you!

When we moved to Kailua they were one of the first people we met and we totally got along. They had a little girl, Drew, who was only 3 months old at the time. Ben and I loved Drew she was so cute and fun to watch grow up...anyway they now have a little guy named Brody. He is so flippin cute! Max and him are just about one month apart. I wish we were still around because they would best friends!

He we all are on a trip to Maui at the top of Wanahaukalugie, oh I mean Haleakala.
Here we are at the lighthouse looking over at Wiamanalo Beach.

Aloha Kurt and Noelle!


No title needed

I had to post this picture just for the sheer joy that it will bring to me to know that you will be laughing out loud just like I did when I saw this. Ben and I were scrolling threw the new pictures and we just about peed our pants, well I did almost. This is lunch time with dad. Max's new favorite thing to eat are strawberries. He packs his mouth so full of strawberries that he looks like a little chipmunk. I don't know why I bother cutting them up. Ben's new past time is making smoothies with the 'Magic Bullet' (thanks Ann!). So this day Max had strawberries and a blueberries smoothie for lunch.


Finnish Disco


Can he just stay litttle please.

Max is growing up so fast! He can now sign please, dog, milk, more, all done and bird. What a little smarty pants. Just in the last week or so he has really picked up on doing new things. He points to things that he sees. He will even do the Dr. Evil 'shhh' when he points to me or want to touch pointer fingers together. SO cute! When I go for morning runs along the boardwalk he points to all the birds and waves hi to all the other walkers and fishermen (there are people fish in the lake all day every day).
Does this remind anyone else of E.T.?
Max thinks he is so big when he sits in a chair all by himself.
Opening a birthday present from Grandma Tyler.
Max is giving Dad a pat pat on his head
He is so close to walking all by himself!


Central Florida Zoo

Among all the fun things to see and do here in Florida there is the Central Florida Zoo. We decided to buy a year pass so that we would have somewhere fun to go anytime we wanted. The funny thing is it is cheaper than Hogle Zoo and you get like seven more months to visit the Zoo during the year hence winter. Burrrr!
It is small but fun. There is a little water park fountain area like at The Gateway. They have a train and a petting zoo! We visited the petting zoo the other day and it was so fun. Max loved it. Tina the Lama was there and Max touched her ear. He giggled so hard! He fed the goats for about two seconds and decided that he didn't like them taking away the food that was intend for them. So he played this little game where he would put his hand out to give the goats their food and then take
it away. He would turn around take a couple of steps away from the goats and then turn back around to do this all over again. I think he caught on to 'if I have food in my hand the animals will come'. It was pretty funny. I think Ben and I fed the animal more hoping that Max would catch on. He really like to watch the Leopards (East high bonzai).
If you will notice to Max's apparel...Yea long pants and shirt...Florida had a little cold spell and I was freezing! What a pansie huh. I think it got down to like 40 at night. At least it made for a good day at the Zoo.


We baby proff our house, do you?

When we moved into our apartment I specifically asked for large cupboards because my baby like to climb in them. What do ya know they had some! When we were shopping for various household items at Wal-Mart(I know, I know...WAL-MART!! Sue me.) we couldn't leave without some baby proof latches for all the cupboards. At Grandma Tyler's Max had free roam of the kitchen cupboards and drawers and he loved it. Me too, but now that we are in a smaller kitchen and tall items such as a large box of Cheerios, Pam and even syrup do not fit in the top cupboards. We are forced to put them down below. Much to Max's dissatisfaction we had to baby proof all the cupboards in the apartment. Even though they are all locked he still tests each and every one to see if maybe just maybe it will open. He even pushes me far away from them just to make sure I am not touching it there by making it stay closed. So tonight when I was doing the dishes he did his little routine of testing each one. I opened one for him because I was running out of ideas to keep him occupied before bath time. He fit perfectly inside and it kept him entertained just long enough for me to finish cleaning the kitchen.


Don't bother me, I'm watching baby signing time...

Max's favorite movie is Baby Signing Time. He loves them! He would sit for hours on end if I would let him. This is the assumed position to watch Rachel, Alex and Leah. Nothing bothers him either. He is totally in the zone. It was awesome this morning to plug it so I could get ready for church!

So thanks Grandma Derrick for the b-day presents. And Happy Birthday MOM!!!


Florida Beaches

We drove down to Daytona Beach the other day. All I can say is that I was definatly missing Kialua Beach. It was cold and the sand was like gray clay and stuck to everything. Ok, I do have to say that it was overcast, cold and really windy. So, maybe if it wasn't for that the beach would have been fun and closer to Hawaii standards.

Max really liked it though. He would get down on all fours and grab the sand and move it around. For a split second I took my eyes off him and he totally put a handfull of sand in his mouth! Sick! But he didn't really seem to care so whatever.

Neither Ben or I know that much about Florida yet, but I hear that Daytona is not that great of a beach to go to. It would be like going to Ala Moana Beach in Hawaii, sort of. So hopefully we can find a Kailua Beach out here. I want to try Coco Beach next. I also want to go to a Nascar race! We drove past the big raceway and it looked like it would be so fun...you have to do it at least once I guess. It is good that I'm in a new place with things to do, now I will have something to blog about. Ha!

Here is Max returning to sea.

Missing the snow...NOT!

I love being back in the sunshine and humidity! I was looking through some random misplaced pictures and found these. Although I love SL and had lots of fun this winter I most definatly love being in my swim suit and slippers! On one of our adventures we took Max cross coutry skiing up East Canyon. We had a lot of fun. Max loves being in the backpack and going places. It must be being up high where he can see everything?? It was actually pretty warm this day and really sunny. Max looked so cute in his red santa claus snowsuit. To bad Ben didn't have a matching one this picture would have been so much cuter!


Happy Birthday Max!!

Max is one year old today! Before we left Salt Lake I threw him a early birthday party. I wanted to have everyone there for his number one so we had a little party on the day we were leaving. (I will post on it later)But, since today is the actual day we had to do something. The UPS man delivered a b-day present from G & G Derrick. Signing Time DVD's!! Max's favorite movie! Max and I went swimming and watched signing time. When Ben got home from work we walked down to the local 7-11 and got birthday ice cream sandwiches. It was really funny to watch Max eat his ice cream. His took a huge ol' bite and just sat there for a couple minute and let it melt in his mouth. After a few minutes he held up his hand "ice cream sandwich"! We love being parents! Max is so fun to hang out with and is such a happy little guy.