Vacation in Hawaii with Annie

Annie and me visiting the mormons and the Laie Temple on our way to the North Shore.

Manauwili Falls...right before Annie jumped in.

Annie, me and the mokes...

The Lighthouse hike...we are almost to the top

This was the funnest vacation!!


Me and Ben sittin in a tree...k.i.s.s.i.n.g...We were on our way to Manauwili Falls.

This is the Falls...there were three jumps...med high, high and higher...

One of the many beautiful and exotic flowers along the trail...


Buoy Tree

One of the many cool things I see on my way to school.

Yesterday I was outside doing the wash (most wash rooms are outside/garage in Hawaii). I heard these chickens clucking like crazy. Anna likes to follow me outside and sneak into the back yard when I have my back turned, so I figured that all the clucking was because Anna was interrupting some wild chickens. So I ran back there to see what was going on. Good thing they were up on the wall, but they were watching her very intently. Anna on the other hand was oblivious. There are chicken everywhere out here! The dang roosters wake me up every morning! A girl in one of my classes told me that her 11 year old son and his friends catch the roosters and tie a leash around its neck. Then they go and find another rooster and plop the hostage rooster right down in front of the other so they can fight. And then she told me of some workers that were working next door to her house and one day they had a barbecue going on...They had caught one of the neighborhood chickens and cooked it up for lunch!!!


Things that are new...

Things that are new...month, apartment, dish towels, school, bad hair cut, jobs and a new TABLE!!! The first one ever in the Tyler household, behold...

and babies...congratulations Abby!


Swept Away

Ben and I went on the best hike the other day. It was the first sunny day in like three WEEKS! We started on the light house hike but took a detour down to the ocean and some pools. The cliffs were really cool and the sound of the waves were so loud! I love Hawaii! We hiked down to the rocks and walked around on them. I am kinda chicken when it comes to the ocean. It's so big and strong you really don't know what could happen. So the waves were crashing so hard against the rocks and the water would shoot up in the air and crash down onto the rocks. Well Ben being the daredevil he is decided he wanted a better view.

"That is the dumbest idea! Don't climb over there!"

"You always forget that I'm invincible!"

"didn't you see that AMF video when that girl was 'getting a better view' and she got swept away by that big wave?"

"OK I will go on that part up there...see it's totally dry so the waves don't go up there."

"Be careful motard"


Uncle Alan and Aunt Brenda...Great!

So a while ago my most favorite extended aunt and uncle came to Hawaii for a long needed vacation. They spent two weeks on Maui and Kaui. At the end of their trip they spent a Sunday afternoon on Oahu. So in need of a spiritual uplifting experience they came to sacrament meeting with Ben and I. It was really fun to see them for a few minutes. I usually only get to see them at the Burr reunions so this was a treat! I always look forward to hanging out with them at our family gatherings. My favorite memory of Uncle Alan is the surprise scream I heard from the next-door tent as he found his sleeping bag stuffed with grass. I don't remember who got who first I just remember laughing so hard...so thanks for playing along Uncle Alan.


SLC here I come!!

I am flying to Salt Lake tonight and I will be there in the morning! Yipee!! I am so excited to see my mom and dad and mike and Jon and Chap and Ann and Steve and Tom and Ted and Sarah and Char and Leah and Liz and Steve and Chole and Tommy and Ethan and Annie and Eric and Izzy and Loni and Matt and Devon and Grandma and Grandpa and everyone!!! I might not go back to Hawaii...OK I guess I will just for Ben ;)I didn't name Leo cause while I am flying there he will be flying here. To bad so sad, I will miss him. Viva Salt Lake or whatever.


Hunny Bunny Benny!

I have the best husband in the whole world! He takes such good care of me! I have issues about being on time...to anything. I always try and squeeze in more things than I have time for and therefore am running around in the mornings like a mad girl. It is amazing that I was never late for work as a flight attendant. With all the time restrictions and deadlines...I am patting myself on the back right now! So yesterday we added up our monthly expenses for January and oh my heck we spent a ton of money on food! I couldn't believe it! Well, I can believe it cause food out here is so gosh darn expensive. Milk for $4-$8, canned goods over a dollar a can, pineapple $4lb! PINEAPPLE don't they grow that here? Anyway our solution was to not make so many trips to the little expensive grocery stores (Safeway)and stockup at Costco and make lunches for work. So this morning Ben got out of bed earlier than usual to make lunches for both of us! He is so great! Guess who will be the one to make school lunches for the kids.


Four Things

So I read this on a couple different sites today and since I know that I won't be tagged I just tagged myself.
Four jobs I've had...

1. Ice cream scooper girl at Snelgroves Ice Cream or Squirrels Brothers as it is now called.
2. I worked at a dry cleaners and I don't know what I really was but I hated it. I put the clothes in the machines, tagged them, wrapped them in plastic and alphabetized them. I also cleaned the outside windows on Saturday mornings in the dead of winter! I had to steam press my fingers back to life after - it was freezing!
3. I was a lifeguard and was commonly mistaken for a Mexican.
4. Flight attendant for Skywest Airlines. What happens at 34,000 feet stays at 34,000 feet.

Four movies I can watch over and over...

1. Goonies
2. Monsters Inc.
3. Young Frankenstien
4. Emma

Four places I have lived...

1. SLC
2. SLC
3. Leesburg Virginia, almost
4. Kailua, Hawaii

Four TV shows I love...

1. Desperate Housewives
2. Crossing Jordan
3. Animals Cops
4. Any home remodel or design show

Four places I've vacationed...

1. Paris, France
2. Helsinki, Finland
3. Vancouver, Canada
4. Southern Utah and Uinta Mountains

Four of my favorite dishes...

1. Cheese Ravioli
2. Mochico Chicken w/ brown rice
3. Brisket (my moms)
4. Chicken Chimichanga

Four sites I visit daily...

1. World News
2. Celebrity News
3. UnCommonGoods
4. Google

Places I'd rather be right now...

1. Body Boarding
2. Surfing
3. In bed
4. SLC


No Can! Can!

So Ben and I were at L&L Drive in the other day (Bens most favorite place to eat). We were reading through a newspaper ad and we came across this one! I think Jay Leno would appreciate this one....

"If you get one Honda or Acura,
Sta' broke, get one brada come yo' house
feex um no joke He go make um solid
like one rock Das da guy dey call Hondoc"


The most GIANORMUS pancakes in the whole world

We (Ben and I) spent a couple days on the Big Island with our friends Jeremy and Amanda. It was awesome! They were staying at this beautiful house on the Wiakaloa golf course. It was totally something out of a dream home magazine! There was a beautiful infinity pool that looked over the golf course and ocean. The bathroom was the coolest! If you didn't feel like taking a shower inside you can just take a step outside into a tropical waterfall shower that is enclosed by volcanic rocks. It was great being rich for a couple of days. On our last day Jeremy and Mandy insisted that we go to breakfast at this one restaurant. They supposedly had the best pancakes with coconut syrup. I suffer from an extreme case of indecision and I couldn't decide between the delicious pancakes that they raved about or eggs an bacon. I wanted a little of both so I asked Ben if he wanted to try the pancakes so I could try some of them. Somehow in my asking I made him feel like he had to order the pancakes that he didn't really want but wanted them because I wanted them. What a Guy! So The waitress brought out our order and as she walked by the tables people began to giggle and point. Jeremy and Mandy were rolling! These pancakes were HUGE! GIANORMOUS! They were bigger than the restaurant sized plate, they were falling off the plate! They were about an inch and a half thick with a 15 inch diameter! 3 of them! It was the funniest thing ever! Mandy took an 1/8 and I took an 1/8 and the rest was for Ben. (It was like eating 12 village inn funny face pancakes.) It turns out that on a previous trip that Jeremy and Mandy had taken she and her sister in-law ordered these pancakes as a side order to their main course. They said it was the funniest thing ever so they had to try it on someone! We took a picture but unfortunately we have this problem of deleting pictures accidentally. Like the one time I deleted a picture of Annie (bff) and I in Paris on the Eiffel Tower! DUR! We fed the rest of the two and a half pancakes (Ben could only eat half of one) to the fish outside. They were huge too! I wonder how they got to be so big? The coconut syrup was great by the way!



This is Anna in Utah just a few weeks before she came to Hawaii. She loved to sit in the back yard and watch the neighbors. What a clean little baby!

Here she is on the beach. She still doesn't like the water to much but she loves the soft sand. She loves the sand so much she eats it!?! Gross! When we say "you wanna go to the beach" she turns her head like she knows what your saying and then just goes nuts. As soon as she gets on the beach all she wants to do is run. If you have ever been around pugs you know when they get really excited and they run as fast as they can it always turns into a circle. We call it a rip. Depending on the space available when she rips it turns into a big circle or small circle and sometimes it turns into a figure 8 (by they way she does a perfect figure 8 when she runs on the beach!) Its hilarious! Furniture doesn't get in the way either she just goes over or under. Man can she rip!


Holiday Mondays

I have this so called workout routine that I try and do every week. Tuesdays and Thursdays I have a 5:30 Yoga class. Then Wednesdays and Fridays are 6:30 Step class. I was lucky enough to have the Monday after New Years Day off. I don't know about the rest of you but whenever a holiday is on a Monday it throws off my entire week!! I went to a 6:30 class on Tuesday and a 5:30 on Friday! I was totally screwed up. On Friday I went home after work and took my time getting ready cause hey its a 6:30 class night, no need to hurry. I brushed Anna, vacuumed the floors and got dressed. I even left a little early so that I could get a good spot. I pulled into the parking lot and drove by the aerobics room (the windows face the parking lot) and saw everyone working out! Why is everyone working out without me? Did they started early? Did I miss an announcement? What time is it? What day is it? Crap! I got my day/time wrong again for like the billionth time this week. Now don't get me wrong I love holidays even when they are on Mondays but someone needs to invent a anti-retard-forgetting-days gizmo or something!!


Hello Blog World

This is my first time! So be easy on me. What freedom to be able to talk about anything! Almost. So, I got a shopping spree for Christmas. I was so excited! I have been really good to not spend money on stuff that I don't need since we moved to Hawaii. Now, whenever I get money as a gift it not as easy to spend so I hang on to it. This is a big deal I don't want to spend it frivolously; I have to make a very smart decision on what I spend my free money on. I must LOVE it to buy it. That should be my motto all the time but I find it easier to spend money when I shouldn't. So I went to the mall, which by the way shopping in Hawaii sucks, I found the best deal on the cutest swimsuit! What luck I love it and it's on sale! I am making a GOOD choice! Good Me! So I bring it home just to find out that the right boob pad is missing! Dang! Just a minor set back, it's OK I'll just go back down to the mall tomorrow. So I put my cute polka dot suit back in its bag and hang it on the back door. Well that night I was cleaning and I always put the trash by the back door to take out when I finish mopping the floor. Ben and I gathered up the trash (or rubbish as the locals say) and took it out. We had lots of rubbish because Christmas had just happened. Well a couple days later I am like "Where's my cute new teeny weeny polka dot bikini?" I turned the house upside down. All that straightening I did the day before, ruined. It's now where to be found! In the process of retracing my steps and grilling Ben it came to me, did I throw it away!?! Why me!! I can't believe it! Merry Christmas!