Last Saturday's tri was lots of fun even though I was all by myself. I didn't get eaten by any alligators or swamp things...I followed Suzi's advice and swam in the middle of everyone so that they were the first to get picked off. The water was nice and warm to swim in, it was great! It was about 850M and I was happy with my time. I had a little two minute run up to the transition area from the water. Then I hopped onto my bike and raced out. It was a weird course for the bike I thought...it went through some little neighborhoods and had a lot of turns. It totally slowed me up! No not really it gave me time to rest for a second. Anyway, I am for sure going to work on my biking more. I was ok with my time there but I think I could really shave off some time. It was a shorter ride with only about 13 miles. Then back to the transition area and off on my run. It was a short run of 2.65 miles so I didn't really have to worry about pacing myself...I could just run all out, but I was a little tired so I kept pace with a long leg amazon woman in front of me and that was good enough for me.
I am really glad that I made it in time cause I would have been super bummed. I woke up at 5:15am and I had to be all set up and ready to go at 7am. I had about a 40 minutes drive and so I thought I had plenty of time to get down there and pick up my packet and stuff! I got lost like three times and had to ask for directions twice! I am totally investing in a TomTom...it happens way to much. Well I finally found the park and then there was a line to pay and get into the park! Ahhhh! I made it by the skin of my teeth everyone. With ten minutes to pick up my packet, pay for my one time insurance, get set up and get body marked. I am glad somebody else was behind on time because they didn't close the transition area right on time so I made it. Phew!
I love it! I am looking forward to another sprint tri in August then a couple of relay tri's in September and in November (crossing my fingers) the Ragnar Relay from the Gulf Coast to the Atlantic Ocean.


Alligators and Amebas

I have been preparing for another triathlon lately and with it finally around the corner I have been doing a lot of mental run throughs. How much time I need to drive down to Orlando, unpacking my things from the car, fixing a flat tire before the race, setting up in the transition area, getting dressed and undressed, etc. etc. When I think about all that my heart just starts to race! I am very excited...except...I was under the impression that it was bad to swim in the rivers and lakes out here. Ummm, alligators...and ummm, what about amebas?? Does anyone else out here worry about that? Maybe I am a little paranoid. They wouldn't have hundreds of people swimming in a lake if it wasn't safe would they? I mean I have swam in a lake before. And practicing in a clean (sort of) chlorinated swimming pool is one thing, but warm Florida, alligator and ameba, green lake? It just keeps getting bigger and bigger in my head alliGATOR...amEBA. Maybe I should invest in those nose pincher things and some ear plugs. Once the whistle starts I know that I won't think about because I will be to busy trying not to drown and get kicked in the face. I can't wait! I am to excited. I think my heart rate is at 160 right now just typing this. I am going to go cool down now...I will let you know how it goes.