Rain, Rain Go Away

We have been enjoying lots of rain lately. Enjoying it i guess cause we weren't flooded out of our house. My heart goes out to all the people that have had to leave their homes because a lake moved in. There has been a lot of water...and this is just the start of the season. Every day for the past week or so it has poored and poored!
It is hard to remember being inside all winter long. We didn't know what to do without the park and the pool! I would seriously go crazy...maybe that is why I love the spring time. Winter is over and I get to be outside again. Max had to make the most of the breaks in between storms. He loved wearing his boots and playing with the umbrella.


One Week Later

Last Saturday was my 25k that I had been looking forward to for a while!! I loved getting out there and seeing all the strong athletes and the people like me that are there to just have a good time. It's great that everyone shares a common love for running. I love the anticipation before the race to! Even during the race I had such a sense of excitement or maybe its was because I had to go to the bathroom so bad from drinking all that Gatorade!

Grand Rapids was really pretty! It rained on us for the first two miles so I was totally wet the entire time but it wasn't so bad. My shoes were a little soggy and totally smell now. But that's just an excuse to get new ones, right? I felt awesome the whole time and even the last 6 miles I just wanted to go! It was hard to pace myself cause I was so excited. But I picked up the pace the last 6 and then the last mile I just ran as hard as I could. It felt great to cross the finish line. I couldn't believe that it was over so soon. All that waiting and looking forward to this trip and it was over. I am really looking forward to more races and the best part was is that I did it with my friend! What a great memory! Thanks Kristine!!