Merry Christmas!

Warning...boring to everyone except grandma and grandpa :)


What a way to start the Christmas season!

We had Grandma Ann come out and visit...MERRY CHRISTMAS to us! Max was thrilled to see Grandma walk in the door but he really wanted to know where the dog was? He saw Grandma, gave her a hug and said 'Sadie'?? We all cracked up. Max would not let her out of his sight. He wanted grandma for everything naptime, bedtime, bath time. It was a great break for me!
Ben and I got an early Christmas present from G&G Tyler. An overnight babysitter! We hopped on a plane went to Knoxville, TN. I know, random, but it was a lot of fun. A new adventure. We went to dinner, walked around the historic Marysville town, went to a used bookstore (Ben's favorite), and went into a couple galleries. It was a lot of fun walking everywhere and just being able to spend time together, alone. We took a break and went to see a movie and then hopped back on the plane and flew home. Next time we go we are going to Dolly Land...as in Dolly Parton. They have a whole theme park dedicated to her! Weird, but we really wanted to see the smokey mountains so next time I guess.
Max and Grandma had lots of fun while we were gone. They went to the downtown festival here in Sanford, the zoo and Toys r'us and got airplanes. That is Max's only word right now, airplane, airplane, airplane! Everything is an airplane. In a book about elephants there is a picture of a teter-toter and it is a airplane. Birds are airplanes. He wants to watch the airplane part in signing time over and over. It is cute. The only books he wants to read are airplane books and he has been sleeping with at least one airplane in his hand for nap time and bed time.

We went to Blue Springs National Park and saw Manatee's. They are so neat! There was one right under us so we got a really good look at her. It came up to breath and look around a couple times. They are so cute and big. We walked up and down the bridges/walkway in the rain and Max just wanted grandma to hold him the whole time. Another day we drove out to New Smyrna beach. We walked around the little beach town and then went and chased birds on the beach. It is weird to go to the beach wearing coats! But it was lots of fun to walk around and pick up shells and stuff. Then the night before it was time to say goodbye we went to dinner and had some soul food. We ate Ox tail (kinda like roast beef with bone in the middle), Chitterlings (intestine, not my favorite), Collard Greens, BBQ Ribs, fried Talpia (fish, yumm), cornbread, mac and cheese it was yummy. We loved having Grandma out here and can't wait for her to come back. She left us with lots of rest, airplanes and cookies. Thanks Grandma Ann!



So my friend Annie and I have found a new obsession. Making super-duper cute headbands! Fabric is so addicting...and we are addicted. It is so fun to mix and match fabric patterns and textures and make one of a kind headbands . Every one we make I want to keep for myself. Since I never do my hair anymore I love using this as my do. It makes me feel sort of put together.
Annie took it one step further and made matching skirts for little girls. (She has a cute little girly girl that she can dress up.) They are so cute! We put a shop up on Etsy.com for your viewing and buying pleasure. I LOVE Etsy!!!! Also since it tis' the season we are participating in some local boutiques. There will be a booth at the Art Market (1602 East 2100 South) at the Garden Center (at the north-east side of sugarhouse park). The hours are this Thursday 2-7, Friday 10-7 and Saturday 10-5. Also Annie's talented friend is doing a 'give-away' on her blog if you make a comment. You could win a free headband/skirt combo!
And thanks to Jenny for doing all our awesome photography. She took pictures of Max and I in Memory Grove and they turned out so good!! She says she is just practing but they look professional to me. I am so excited to frame them. Her little girl Savanah is so cute in this pic.