SLC here I come!!

I am flying to Salt Lake tonight and I will be there in the morning! Yipee!! I am so excited to see my mom and dad and mike and Jon and Chap and Ann and Steve and Tom and Ted and Sarah and Char and Leah and Liz and Steve and Chole and Tommy and Ethan and Annie and Eric and Izzy and Loni and Matt and Devon and Grandma and Grandpa and everyone!!! I might not go back to Hawaii...OK I guess I will just for Ben ;)I didn't name Leo cause while I am flying there he will be flying here. To bad so sad, I will miss him. Viva Salt Lake or whatever.


Hunny Bunny Benny!

I have the best husband in the whole world! He takes such good care of me! I have issues about being on time...to anything. I always try and squeeze in more things than I have time for and therefore am running around in the mornings like a mad girl. It is amazing that I was never late for work as a flight attendant. With all the time restrictions and deadlines...I am patting myself on the back right now! So yesterday we added up our monthly expenses for January and oh my heck we spent a ton of money on food! I couldn't believe it! Well, I can believe it cause food out here is so gosh darn expensive. Milk for $4-$8, canned goods over a dollar a can, pineapple $4lb! PINEAPPLE don't they grow that here? Anyway our solution was to not make so many trips to the little expensive grocery stores (Safeway)and stockup at Costco and make lunches for work. So this morning Ben got out of bed earlier than usual to make lunches for both of us! He is so great! Guess who will be the one to make school lunches for the kids.


Four Things

So I read this on a couple different sites today and since I know that I won't be tagged I just tagged myself.
Four jobs I've had...

1. Ice cream scooper girl at Snelgroves Ice Cream or Squirrels Brothers as it is now called.
2. I worked at a dry cleaners and I don't know what I really was but I hated it. I put the clothes in the machines, tagged them, wrapped them in plastic and alphabetized them. I also cleaned the outside windows on Saturday mornings in the dead of winter! I had to steam press my fingers back to life after - it was freezing!
3. I was a lifeguard and was commonly mistaken for a Mexican.
4. Flight attendant for Skywest Airlines. What happens at 34,000 feet stays at 34,000 feet.

Four movies I can watch over and over...

1. Goonies
2. Monsters Inc.
3. Young Frankenstien
4. Emma

Four places I have lived...

1. SLC
2. SLC
3. Leesburg Virginia, almost
4. Kailua, Hawaii

Four TV shows I love...

1. Desperate Housewives
2. Crossing Jordan
3. Animals Cops
4. Any home remodel or design show

Four places I've vacationed...

1. Paris, France
2. Helsinki, Finland
3. Vancouver, Canada
4. Southern Utah and Uinta Mountains

Four of my favorite dishes...

1. Cheese Ravioli
2. Mochico Chicken w/ brown rice
3. Brisket (my moms)
4. Chicken Chimichanga

Four sites I visit daily...

1. World News
2. Celebrity News
3. UnCommonGoods
4. Google

Places I'd rather be right now...

1. Body Boarding
2. Surfing
3. In bed
4. SLC