Vomit, Barf, Puke, Throw up, how ever you say it, it still smells the same

Ever since we moved into our new apartment it has been really tough picking up free Internet! Maybe we need to stop being cheapskates and just get our own service huh! That is just one excuse why I haven't posted for a while. Also I haven't wanted to relive the last week of my life. The morning that we were to leave SL Max barfed. Just a little, not enough for me to say 'oh man he is sick, lets wait to get on a five hour full flight back home'. I thought hmmm that's odd and then fed him breakfast. A few hours later my mother-in-law dropped us off at the airport and said goodbye. We made it on the flight and got a whole row in the back of the plane. Twenty minutes into the flight Max fell asleep on the bench and thing were going great! Ten minutes after he fell asleep he sat straight up, looked at me and pucked everywhere!!! I wanted to die! Then he did it again! I cannot tell you how gross it was, well I can...it was GROSS! I was wet through my shirt and pants my skin smelled! His blanket was covered in curdled strawberry milk, eggs and strawberries. It was leaking through the crack in the seat onto the floor in back of us where a poor lady was sitting. And the smell!! I think I am going the puke just thinking about it. I did have a moment of haha when I thought of Chunk in the Goonies but that quickly faded. So four hours of puke smell later we arrived and I was so glad that was over. But boy was I in for it. That night Max was doing better. We all took baths when we got home and he was in good spirits. At four or so in the morning I went into check on him cause I hadn't heard him at all that night. What is that smell!! I put my face down to get a better smell and felt if he was wet. He was totally wet! I turned on the night light to change him...I looked in his crib and my baby was sleeping in POO!!! He had exploded out the front! Out the back! Out the sides and it was everywhere! I asked Ben earlier in the night which would have been worse barf or poop! Well they are equally bad in my book. The next few days consisted of lots of bad diarrhea and vomit. Later I got sick and then Ben got sick...you should have seen us we were miserable. We didn't do anything for the whole week! I am so glad that is over it was one nasty stomach bug!
On the less gross bodily function part I started a new blog! A craft blog! I've been filling up my free time with things other than blogging so I started a blog on my free time activities! Come visit me here. I put up a cute sock monkey pattern for everyone.
For more fun barf stories visit my friend Kristine. I am afraid to say that she out does me on the barf stories, note the -ies!


There is a first for everything

Max went skiing for his first time last saturday. My brave stud muffin of a dad took Max in the pack-pack down the slopes at Alta. Mike (my brother) took great pictures and videos of the two making their way down. When my dad would stop Max would say GO! and when he would turn Max would say TURN! (If you listen close you can here him). He loved it. He also really enjoyed to chair lift but hated putting on mittens. Yea for free skiing after three!