Half-way over??

I am going to update with photos and captions mostly...Life has been GREAT! We are loving Florida and being a family. We want all of our friends and family to how much we love you guys and miss you. {is that enough sunshine for you}

We just asked Max, "what he would like to do today?" and he replied "I have a hypothesis"!

Max's new car...the Karmann Ghia. He loves to help dad work but more than that he loves all of dads tools.

Max LOVES playing ghost...and dress up in general. And yes those are red fingernails. I ask you is it really so wrong to paint boys fingernails??

Don't really know how this happened...
Max the Chinese Dragon or 'Toothless' from How to Train Your Dragon.
My second Ragnar relay in Florida. We ran from Miami to Key West! It was awesome!!
The two Andrea's...

Max got a wild hair and decided it was time for a buzz...what could I do about it??

Max taking a nap with Charlie. Charlie is a good sport...most of the time.

Grandma and Grandpa Derrick came to visit!! We had so much fun...We went to the beach, Disney Land, The Science Museum, on an airboat ride and saw lots of gators!

We also had half of the Tyler's out! Here we are taking a break between activities...Max somehow stole everyones watches.

Max turned 4 years old on April 9th!!! He had a pirate party, arrgh!! We had a treasure hunt and played games like Sink the Ship, Hook the Booty, Pop the Cannons, Eye Spy, Swashbuckling sword fight and best of all they got to beat the mean pirate pinata...We ate Pirate cupcakes with Treasure inside...and all the pirates got to take home a GOLD fish. It was lots of fun!

Last Sunday I had a great time at St. Anthony's triathlon in St. Petersburg FL.I'm excited to say I beat my last Olympic tri time by about 30 minutes!! Wahoo...all this Ironman training has paid off. Next race less than two weeks :) 70.3 Florida Ironman at Disney World.

Well that's about it...until next time :)