Happy New Year

One of my new years resolutions...Update my blog more than once a year! 2007 flew by. Max had his nine month check up today. NINE months! He crawls everywhere including up and down the stairs. He waves and claps to people especially dogs. He has four teeth which have inspired a few nickname such as Hungry Hippo and Fang. He loves to read and play with Saddie (the big German Shepard). In his short little life he has been to Detroit (to visit the Orme family), Seattle and Las Vegas. He was really good on all the trips and even won big in Vegas, OK maybe not.
Halloween was fun. Max was a Pirate, ARRRGH! He went trick-or-treating at Annie's and Grandma Derrick's.

He was really excited for Christmas Breakfast, oh and the presents. Santa gave his a rocking horse that makes galloping and neighing sounds. He loves it and he also got a really plush bath towel that he loves since that is his favorite activity. If I rolled him up in it he would lay there all day.