Swept Away

Ben and I went on the best hike the other day. It was the first sunny day in like three WEEKS! We started on the light house hike but took a detour down to the ocean and some pools. The cliffs were really cool and the sound of the waves were so loud! I love Hawaii! We hiked down to the rocks and walked around on them. I am kinda chicken when it comes to the ocean. It's so big and strong you really don't know what could happen. So the waves were crashing so hard against the rocks and the water would shoot up in the air and crash down onto the rocks. Well Ben being the daredevil he is decided he wanted a better view.

"That is the dumbest idea! Don't climb over there!"

"You always forget that I'm invincible!"

"didn't you see that AMF video when that girl was 'getting a better view' and she got swept away by that big wave?"

"OK I will go on that part up there...see it's totally dry so the waves don't go up there."

"Be careful motard"


Uncle Alan and Aunt Brenda...Great!

So a while ago my most favorite extended aunt and uncle came to Hawaii for a long needed vacation. They spent two weeks on Maui and Kaui. At the end of their trip they spent a Sunday afternoon on Oahu. So in need of a spiritual uplifting experience they came to sacrament meeting with Ben and I. It was really fun to see them for a few minutes. I usually only get to see them at the Burr reunions so this was a treat! I always look forward to hanging out with them at our family gatherings. My favorite memory of Uncle Alan is the surprise scream I heard from the next-door tent as he found his sleeping bag stuffed with grass. I don't remember who got who first I just remember laughing so hard...so thanks for playing along Uncle Alan.