Buoy Tree

One of the many cool things I see on my way to school.

Yesterday I was outside doing the wash (most wash rooms are outside/garage in Hawaii). I heard these chickens clucking like crazy. Anna likes to follow me outside and sneak into the back yard when I have my back turned, so I figured that all the clucking was because Anna was interrupting some wild chickens. So I ran back there to see what was going on. Good thing they were up on the wall, but they were watching her very intently. Anna on the other hand was oblivious. There are chicken everywhere out here! The dang roosters wake me up every morning! A girl in one of my classes told me that her 11 year old son and his friends catch the roosters and tie a leash around its neck. Then they go and find another rooster and plop the hostage rooster right down in front of the other so they can fight. And then she told me of some workers that were working next door to her house and one day they had a barbecue going on...They had caught one of the neighborhood chickens and cooked it up for lunch!!!