Days of our Lives

Happy new year! I am excited for 2010...let the fun begin. Max has been so funny lately and I have been meaning to write all of them down but lets face it blogging just doesn't happen very much anymore. Max is talking really good, I can understand most of it :) He told me the other day while I was making his bed "good job mom, thanks for helping, your a good helper". Another day he told me "good job going potty mom...you get a potty treat". And then after going to the dreaded doctors office he said "had fun at the doctors". He says 'ya' to all questions that are asked and repeats the question back as if it is the correct answer. If I ask a yes or no question and he doesn't answer I tell him to 'say yes or no'. He then answers, 'say yes or no'. We have been working on saying the right answer to questions like whats your name, and how old you are. When asked 'what is your name?', he answers 'Max' which sounds like Matt to most people. Then when asked 'how old are you?' he then responds 'Max'. Ask him a second or third time and he might answer '2'. The cutest is he knows his nickname...so ask him what his 'other name' is and he will answer 'buster'.
As for new things with Ben and I...I joined a running group out here that has been fun. I am registered to run in the Disney Princess (all women) half marathon in march and then hopefully do the Salt Lake classic marathon the next month. I've found some new hobbies using old license plates and oil cloth. Then just being with friends and having fun with family.
Ben is almost done with his massive house project that he has taken on himself. He has done a really good job and hopefully we will be able to rent it out soon. He has been biking a lot and getting in shape to ride 60 miles to and from work now that Allegiant is moving half its fleet down to the Orlando Airport. Ben is more or less motivated by saving money on tolls and gas then getting in shape, it just happens to be a good side effect of saving money.
We are all moving to a new house on Saturday which we are very excited for. It has a nice big back yard for Max and the dog we are going to get (not really) but the back door has a doggie door so why not? It is in the same ward with all our good friends and still by all of our neighbors and Max's friends.
I just wanted to include that Max loves taking pictures whenever he can get his hands on my camera. It was hilarious yesterday he walked around taking pictures of himself and would laugh while saying 'look at this picture' haha ' look at this picture'. So here are a few of his amateur photos from the daily life of Max.