It's a Small World After All ride ROCKS!!

We finally did it! The Magical Kingdom at Disney World that is. We have been here for more then eight months and have yet been to a theme park. It was fun and it brought back all those childhood memories. Ben could not stop going on the Small World ride, he just want to go again and again. There was SO much to do. I feel like we got to see a tenth of what there is to see. For the record though we rode the Disney choo-choo train (after we changed Max's explosion of a diaper), Aladdin's flying carpets, Peter Pan, It's a Small World after all (our personal fav), Dumbo. We took a swamp safari boat ride and climbed in the Swiss Family Robinson's tree house. Then Ben and I took turns watching our 34" tall son while we individually rode Space Mountain, Splash Mountain and the other one. We decided that next time we will take Max he needs to be 44" tall.

Max got to the end of the ride and very intensely signed more, more, more! Luckily no one was in line for It's a Small World and we got to go three times in a row!



When we came back from Utah about a week ago I thought I was leaving the cold weather behind. We got back and I felt like I hadn't left, I even came down with a cold! Today is really nice but it is going to start raining tomorrow according to the forecast.

It was so nice to get to experience the seasons in Utah. We even got to see snow while we were there! I went with Mike and Miken to see Warren Miller and I got all excited for the winter and thought that I wouldn't get to see any snow while I was there. But we got enough in the mountains that Snowbird even opened that weekend! It of course melted the next day in the valley but Max and I had fun playing in it.
I love the leaves and all the colors! It was nice to spend some time outdoors even though it was cold. Max did not like the winter coat he had to put on. The snow distracted him enough that he forgot about it. He just wanted to be outside all the time, cold or not.
We walked down to tracks a few times and went for a rides. We rode downtown to see all the big cranes and machines working. We rode up to the hospital to see the mountains but then the best part was walking home. Max picked up every leaf, chestnut and stick he could find. He would 'haa-yaa' with the sticks and throw the rocks. It took a long time to walk four blocks but he did it all himself and loved it. He was such a good walker (and napper after all that walking).
He really started talking while we were in Utah. He totally jabbers but is really good at saying NO and EAT. He says 'mam-ma' for grandma and ''pam-pa' for grandpa. Of course mama and dada. 'Dink'= drink, juice, ''cak-cak' = pancakes, 'um-me' = oatmeal, meat, moon, 'side' for outside, and a few more but I can't think of them, oh 'pease'= please.